domingo, octubre 06, 2019

India and It's Visual Cultures

Yes, it was also a beautiful surprise to find my illustrations in the pages of the book "India and It's Visual Cultures"
My gratitude to Anjan Sen, Asunción Varela, Uwe Skoda and Birgit  Lettmann

domingo, agosto 04, 2019

Word for Word 33

Proud to be in Word for Word 33  the avant-garde e-zine for avant-garde poetry, sharing issue with tremendous innovators, prolific contemporaries, consolidated and new artist, 
this is awesome!!!, 
many thanks to Jonathan Minton and to Jeff Harrison  für alles :)

Pinguarsuup Alannguata Kuussua


Ujarasussuttaliit Qaqqaa


lunes, julio 22, 2019

An Ordinary Day Film Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.

Happy to announce that the video "Dear Robot" of  american artist Cece Chapman  is going to be exhibit at  An Ordinary Day Film Festival  in Stockholm, Sweden 13-18 August 2019. The music of this video is a collaboration Jeff Crouch-Diana Magallón, awesome!

Thanks to Cece Chapman and Jeff Crouch!

domingo, julio 07, 2019

Tip of the Knife #31

From the "Paisajes Imaginarios" series, 
 Collaboration Jeff Crouch / Diana Magallón



The alphabets presented here are incredibly tight; glyphs are like subatomic particles being crushed into a neutron star.  Diana and Jeff have taken their letters, their words, and sharpened them into a shining scimitar.  And this is truly a Byzantine arrangement (Bill DiMichele)

Post in Tip of the Knife #31
Thanks to Julie and Bill DiMichele and Jeff Crouch.

domingo, agosto 19, 2018

dear robot, / Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallon (weeimage)

dear robot, / Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallon (weeimage)

Post it in weeimage;
Thanks Marco and Jeff and Cece